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CLARINO deltar på DSpace workshop

Hemed Ali Hemed Al Ruwehy (Universitetsbiblioteket i Bergen) deltok på en workshop om CLARIN DSpace som ble avholdt i Praha 8.–10. november 2016. Målet med møtet var å starte et samarbeid mellom minst 7 land om å tilpasse DSpace som datadepot for CLARIN.

CLARINO lander på Gardermoen

trolling-clarin-15nov2016UHR-B avholdt et introduksjonsseminar om forskningsdata ved Oslo lufthavn Gardermoen 14.–15. november 2016. Koenraad De Smedt presenterte CLARINO. Trolling, representert av Philipp Conzett, annonserte intensjonen om å bli sertifisert som et CLARIN type B senter.

CLARIN Annual Conference 2016

img_6171The CLARIN Annual Conference 2016 was held in Aix-en-Provence and drew a record number of participants. The photo shows two French delegates.

NCN workshop with Social and Political Sciences

The Nordic CLARIN Network is organizing a workshop in Bergen on November 9, 2016. A special theme at this workshop is language data and analysis for the Social and Political Sciences.

LAP Launch!

IMG_5289On September 23, the LAP (Language Analysis Portal) was publicly launched at IFI, University of Oslo.

The CLARIN ERIC National Coordinators in Bergen

On 1 – 2 September 2016, University of Bergen hosted a meeting between the CLARIN ERIC National Coordinators. Among the 19 participants were the National Coordinators of two of the three newest CLARIN ERIC members: Tamás Váradi from Hungary (to the left on the picture) and Jurgita Vaičenonienė from Lithuania (to the right).
CLARIN ERIC now has 19 full member countries, which are each represented by a National Coordinator. Among other things, the National Coordinators coordinate the national level implementation and exploitation of the CLARIN infrastructure between the CLARIN national consortia.

The National Coordinators of two of the three newest CLARIN ERIC members: Tamás Varadi from Hungary and Jurgita Vaičenonienė from Lithuania.

Koenraad De Smedt interviewed

Prof. Koenraad De Smedt (coordinator of the CLARINO project) was interviewed by the University of Bergen. He stated, among other things, that the CLARIN infrastructure is essential to make language resources and tools available across Europe. Read the interview here. (The interview is in Norwegian.)

Norwegian delegate to CLARIN ERIC GA

The Research Council of Norway has appointed Hege Høsøien (head of Research and Dissemination at the National Library of Norway) as Norway’s official delegate to the General Assembly of CLARIN ERIC.

CLARINO at the LingPhil Summer School in Sommarøy, 2016

sommeroy3 CLARINO was invited to teach at the annual LingPhil Summer School, which took place at Sommerøya outside of Tromsø, Norway, May 29 – June 4. Koenraad De Smedt and Gunn Inger Lyse lectured, and the ph.d. students were given the practical assignment of sketching a data management plan relevant for their own research.

Wanted: Director for User Involvement

CLARIN ERIC has an open position for its Director for User Involvement.