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CLARIN 2019 annual conference in Leipzig

Five representatives from Norway attended the CLARIN 2019 Annual Conference in Leipzig from September 30 to October 2, 2019. Scott Rettberg was the first invited speaker at the event. Koenraad De Smedt attended the National Coordinators’ Forum. Oddrun Ohren is Norway’s representative in the Metadata Task Force. Hemed Al Ruwehy attended the meeting of CLARIN centres. And Marianne Myhren made her debut in the CLARIN Legal and Ethical Issues Committee.

CLARINO+ selected for negotiations

The CLARINO+ project application which was sent to the Research Council of Norway in 2018, has been selected for negotiations which will likely lead to funding. The project plan calls for an upgrade of the CLARINO infrastructure over three years and an operational phase of ten years.

Norsk-Vietnamesisk ordbok

CLARINO har lagret Norsk-vietnamesisk ordbok på et nytt sted.


CLARINO var representert på RDA Plenary 13 og deltok i organisasjonen av en dugnad Linguistic Data Interest Group (Philadelphia, 3. april 2019).

Interview with Helge Dyvik

CLARIN has published an extensive interview with Helge Dyvik about his involvement in INESS.

On the K-center for Treebanking

CLARIN has published its first blog post on the K-center for Treebanking, a virtual knowledge center which is a cooperation between the CLARINO Bergen Center and the CLARIN/LINDAT center in Prague.

CLARIN 2018 in Pisa

The CLARIN 2018 conference was held in Pisa from Oct. 8 to 10. More than 200 participants from all over Europe and beyond were present. Norway was represented by 5 people who contributed to an oral presentation, two posters and a demo. The picture shows Benedicte Vardøy, a PhD researcher at UiB, explaining her research with a corpus on Russian in cooperation with the CLARINO Bergen Centre.

Hvem sa hva?

Helge Dyvik har et nytt blogginnlegg i bloggen Norgramtall: ‘Far leser og mor syr?’. Det ble til i forbindelse med Helene Uris nettopp lanserte bok ‘Hvem sa hva? Menn, kvinner og språk’, der Helge ved hjelp av INESS (en tjeneste i CLARINO) kunne levere data til et avsnitt om hvilke verb som typisk har kvinnelige handlere, og hvilke som typisk har mannlige, i ulike tekster.

Nytt C-senter

TROLLing (The Tromsø Repository of Language and Linguistics) er blitt sertifisert som et C-senter i CLARIN. Den europeiske katalogen VLO (Virtual Language Observatory) inneholder nå metadataposter fra TROLLing.

L2 resources workshop

CLARINO participated at a CLARIN workshop on L2 resources and tools organized by the University of Gothenburg on Dec. 6–8, 2017.