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Møtereferat Solstrand, 15.-16. des. 2008

Introduction: goals and strategies

Torbjørg Breivik: The establishment of Norsk språkbank

Siri Lader Bruhn: Norwegian strategy for research infrastructures

Hanne Fersøe: The Danish CLARIN project

Koenraad De Smedt: CLARIN: European and Norwegian responsibilities

Alois Pichler: The role of e-RIs in the humanities

Large collections

Kristin Bakken: The National Library as a large infrastructure

Christian-Emil Ore: Data integration and metadata structures

Åse Wetås and Oddrun Grønvik: Linking large lexical materials

Working group posters

Group 1: Poster

Group 2: Poster

Group 3: Poster

Group 4: Poster

Group 5: Poster

E-science, open source and open access

Trond Trosterud: Open source needs for small languages in a language infrastructure

Øystein Vangsnes: Access to resources for microcomparative grammar research

Infrastructure building as research

Helge Dyvik: Norsk språkbank: necessarily a research program

Janne Bondi Johannessen and Ruth Vatvedt Fjeld: Infrastructure building as a necessary research task for language and speech R&D

Platforms for e-science cooperation

Per Öster: CSCs role for Finnish linguistic research and its partnership in CLARIN

Daan Broeder: CLARIN strategies for building an eScience infrastructure

Josva Kleist: NDGF as a provider of infrastructure solutions to Nordic research communities

Jacko Koster: Synergy opportunities offered by national and Nordic eInfrastructure projects

Working group posters

Group 6: Poster

Group 7: Poster

Group 8: Poster

Group 9: Poster

Perspectives from non-academic organizations

Øystein Eek: Lexicographic Resources at Kunnskapsforlaget

Oddrun Pauline Ohren: The ABM perspective

Pål Hals: NLB language resources

Special data, special needs

Kari Tenfjord: Towards linking language learner’s corpora with European parters

Ingunn Amdal: Sharing speech data in large infrastructures

Victoria Rosén and Paul Meurer: Distributing and exploring syntactic data

Odd Einar Haugen: Access to multiple edition texts and use of pictures

Magnar Brekke and Gisle Andersen: Terminology and LSP in a language infrastructure