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Summary by Jan Odijk

CLARIN-NL is the Dutch national CLARIN project that aims to play a central role in the European CLARIN infrastructure, not only for the preparatory phase, but also for the implementation and exploitation phases. The way CLARIN-NL has been set-up can serve as an excellent example for other national CLARIN projects, for the following reasons:

  1. it is a mix between a programme and a project;
  2. it offers opportunities to seriously test standards and protocols currently proposed by CLARIN, thus providing evidence-based requirements and desiderata for the CLARIN infrastructure and ensuring compatibility of CLARIN with national data and tools;
  3. it brings the intended users (humanities researchers) and the technology providers (infrastructure specialists and language and speech technology researchers) together in concrete cooperation projects, with a central role for the user’s research questions, thus ensuring that the infrastructure will provide functionality that is needed by its intended users.